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Creating unusual drawings, illustrations and baby, kids & mommy accessories is an enriching experience.

It is an everlasting allurement between white paper & black ink as well as between soft fabric & love for detail. sSCAPESs stands for social and ethical responsability.

sSCAPESs wallart - digitally enhanced hand drawings 

sSCAPESs handmade - baby, kids & mommy accessories

sSCAPESs and social ethical responsability go hand in hand


   Determined by art, landscape and graphic design background sSCAPESs studio has passion for nature on both macro and micro level. The brand name itself represent a statement, an emphasis on SCAPE as integral part of nature.

   The Studio creates decorative wallart with inspirative natural motives and handmade baby, kids & mommy accessories using responsible and ethical sources. 

   sSCAPESs aims to incorporate these preferences into sSCAPESs artworks by creating bright, colorful and whimsical products.


   sSCAPESs was founded in 2015 by then mom of a toddler, the sSCAPESs' little helper and has meanwhile evolved to two sSCAPESs' little helpers. 

   sSCAPESs launched the first baby, kids & mommy accessories collection in 2019. It is designed and handmade in Vienna with carefully chosen fabrics and socially responsible collaborators. It is inspired by everyday life with children. It consists of useful baby, kids & mommy products.


   Three little sSCAPESs helpers are the most valuable team members. They are the greatest inspiration, support and critics. First and foremost they are the most appreciative products testers and photo models.

    sSCAPESs handmade is produced in collaboration with socially responsible integrative workshops in Vienna.


   sSCAPESs studio devotes a lot of time and energy to make a piece that will bring comfort and joy to your little ones and make everyday life easier for new moms. We thank you for your feedback on purchased items. It helps us improve everyday.

   Each sSCAPESs item is unique with its own signature. So, please respect design copyrights. We love to collaborate with designers, producers and retailers, so please get in touch.

   sSCAPESs handmade is made of carefully chosen eco-certified baby-friendly cotton fabrics (GOTS). We offer detailed description on fabrics upon your wish.

   sSCAPESs respects nature not only as source of inspiration, but also by choosing eco-certified paper, colors and fabrics, and by reducing carbon footprint through digital prints in our shop.

   sSCAPESs is built on honest and respectful customer relationship. We love to hear from you on any given subject regarding your "strolling" through sSCAPESs purchase.

   sSCAPESs stands for fairness and gender equality. We are proud to work with integrative workshops in Vienna that support and employ women with disabilities.

Delightful and enchanted world of sSCAPESs is growing every day, so stay tuned.